We've dedicated extra bandwidth to support student creatives.

The hypothesis we had coming out of art school, is that a degree in art doesn't kickstart a career in art. Instead, it's a 4-year timespan during which students are provided with additional resources, guidance, and opportunities to co-create and hone in on their craft without being tied down by a full-time day job.

While that certainly helps students produce a comprehensive portfolio and become more competitive among other peers of the same age, the step between being a good student and being a great creative talent in the job market is still steep. We hope to help bridge that gap.

We've had great success in 2021 working with a beta community of Class of 2025 students (mostly TNS/Parsons, FIT, and NYU/Tisch), primarily on kick-starting careers in photography and modeling in New York City. We've now scaled this program to be a permanent part of The Parts Collective umbrella.

In the future, we have plans to expand beyond New York, as well as into different specializations, like filmmaking, fashion design, wardrobe/styling, hair/makeup, and acting.

how we do this

Our framework is ASSESS, GROW, and PARTNER.

  • ASSESS: We'll work with you on a comprehensive audit of your practice. Whether you're just getting started, or already have a freelancing business up and running, we can help you optimize your practice.
  • GROW: We'll promote your work to our network for further exposure, schedule you for interviews, help publish press releases, etc. Furthermore, we encourage collaboration within the community for portfolio-building opportunities.
  • PARTNER: We'll work with our network of clients to find you the right gigs. Most clients don't understand that student creatives could be the best option for them. When they come to us to produce their projects, we present and highlight student creatives separate from the rest of our shortlisted candidates. Additionally, we work closely with student creatives from start to finish, and share our standard operating procedures.


  • FREE welcome package from us to you.
  • Access to career peer mentors.
  • Access to job board and gig opportunities.
  • Concierge service to help you package and send your work to our network of publishers and exhibitors.
  • Production capabilities for your projects (arranging logistics and product delivery, printing, borrowing equipment, etc.)
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