The "INTIMATE" are the stories we tell; the "PARTS" are the ones who tell them.

That's the way we like to describe the relationship between the two halves that make INTIMATE // PARTS a whole. By joining The Parts Collective, you become part of the I/P family.

Members receive the following perks:

JOB BOARD: We've worked with some of the biggest names in the consumer game, and love to play match-making. We'll pass along job opportunities that come our way. Our top earners make up to $5,000/month through this channel.

PUBLICATION SUPPORT: We help put together your submission packages and send your work out to our network of publishers and press contacts.

CONCIERGE SERVICE: Need a press pass, pull letter, or sponsor for securing wardrobes and locations? We're happy to work with you on making that happen.

PRIORITY AT THE INTIMATE: Priority processing for your work to be featured on The Intimate website & socials.


There's no obligation on your end associated with your membership. Your answers help us understand what projects we should source for our community, and your membership unlocks access to these opportunities.


Our experienced team has previously worked with: Opening Ceremony, Pangaia, rag & bone, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Bala, and many more world-class brands.
CA Meetup, c.2020
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