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Contemporary Art

With a strong belief that we now live in the era of the "post-" we track the contemporary art category as a pulse on modernity, or post-modernity, as our favorite art forms intertwine and remix.
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Fashion Design

Just by examining how people dressed 100 years ago versus today, it's clear that fashion is one of the fastest growing categories of self-expression, thus a core pillar at Intimate // Parts.
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It is empirical, in the age of digital and mechanical reproduction, that we incorporate artworks that are unique to our era. For that reason, despite typically perceived "incompatible" with the world of publication, we see film and video as a core pillar.
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As the dominating category of digital publication today, photography is our darling pillar. That said, we're constantly looking for creations that reject traditional photography aesthetics and push the boundaries of the mechanical eye.
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